The Bugs walk away winners of the BPA Summer Slam in Mt. Juliet this weekend .

Two wins on Sunday brought home the big trophy.  The final game, against Showtime Black, was the first time this season that we could actually say the Bugs bats were hot.  A lot of doubles hit by a lot of Bugs help secure the win.  Thanks Bugs for making this an easy weekend to write about.  ☺
Some highlights as quoted by the players on their biggest memory from the weekend:
Patrick:  “Coach Eddie, going 9 for 12 was good.  Now if you factor in the walks, I was just 6 for 9.  But my hook slide at second was AWESOME!
-Alex:  My triple, the one where they threw the ball all the way into the dugout.
-Aaron: The bomb I hit, you know to right field.
Ryan: hitting the ball all the way to right field when the bases were loaded.
Bryce: Oh Coach Eddie, the Trophy!  (said with that little smile he lets out now and then.)
-Dayton: winning against my old team, the Outlaws.
Chase: Well, it’s not exciting, but I did walk a lot because they never gave me a pitch to hit.
-Gresham:  Winning against the Vipers.  (Gresh pitched against them the last time and they beat us in the tournament championship. He does not forget very easily)
Dylan: hitting the ball to right field fence ending in a stand up double.
Brandon: When I was catching and got to throw the runner out at second on an attempted steal.
-Steven: either the catch I made in center or going 6 for 11 over the weekend.

In the eyes of nine year olds, the weekend was fun and each had their own special memory.  Hey, it’s summer!  Celebrate the kids around you (and in you) today by having some fun laughing at some of your memories.  Thanks Bugs players, parents and fans for giving this blogger some great laughs and memories.