Papaw went home Friday.  Not where any of us thought he would ever be again.  If you remember on April 29 I shared in a very emotional blog (Follow Your Gut) about Papaw (Al) being in the hospital and not much hope of living through the night.  The month of May was difficult for the entire family as Papaw continue to fight infection and loose weight.

The call finally came on Friday afternoon that he was at home, enjoying seeing his garden and farm.  We are not sure who to credit more, God or Al.  Both were heavily involved in his recovery, one from grace and the other from fortitude. You figure out which one goes with which.  🙂

Although he has lost a lot of weight and very weak from five weeks in the hospital, HE IS HOME with no medical devices attached.  We thank you for the prayers and constant inquires on his condition.  And the food and transportation you provided for the Mosley family!  Crisis like these are made easier with friends and Small Group.