The Bugs came out strong in the pool play this weekend.  Enjoying a late night win over the Cyclones. The details escape me in part due to the game starting an hour late, first pitch was at 10:00pm.  I think my age is cutting into my awake time and causing memory loss.  But I do remember Alex pitching strong and the Bugs offense staying strong.

The Bugs had an early Saturday morning win over the Thunder & Lighting. The game seemed longer due to the morning sun bringing on the heat, much like starter Dayton did from the mound.  Bryce got his debut on the mound and finished out the game with a victory.

Sunday was long and hot.  We had to win three to win the championship.  The first game was a win over Showtime Black.  Several close plays and some great offense kept this game in hand for the Bugs.

Next it was the Comets.  Another long time rival who always offer a challenge.  The Bugs were held scoreless in the first.  I was afraid this might be a bad sign.  The bottom of the first saw four runs cross the plate for the Comets.  This was one of the worst defensive innings, not just in the game or this season, but in Bugs history.  Was it the heat?  Was it the late night and early Saturday morning games?  Who knows!!!  But this was not the Bugs defense we know and love and it caused Aaron to have to leave the mound and Gresham come in to pitch.  Aaron was throwing good and getting the pick off opportunities as well as routine grounders, but was only able to see two outs.

The rest of the game was a struggle to try and take the lead.  Up five to three, the Comets continued to stay strong in the field and the Bugs say some strong hits get caught.  Gresham finished out the game with several strike outs but also giving up his first home run.  Oh, he would be very mad if I did not tell you that he struck out that same hitter on his next at bat. “He never touched the ball that time did he” was his comment as he walked off the field.

Opportunities were there for the Bugs right down to their last out.  With two in scoring position, Chase on third and Steven on second, Patrick roped one to center but right at the center fielder who made the catch. This was the story of the day for the Bugs offense.  Which resulted in a loss of 6-5 to the Franklin Comets.

You gotta love the boys hearts and the seriousness with which they play the game.  However, sometimes we all forget (or at least I forget) that before we even get home most of the boys have gotten over the win or loss and are ready to go swimming.  Parents we must never forget the blessing of a child’s mind that is able to put things behind them and look forward to the next thing to play.  Let’s help each other to not linger in the past, not complain about a loss (or talk about a win too much) and not forget this is just a game, not life.

The last time I looked we ain’t making a living at this, and as important as winning is, it is more important to be an example for a lifetime; to keep the relationship above the hits or errors and know one day these boys may be the ones deciding where we live.  🙂  Hey, go swim or watch a cartoon with your kid today!