I sit here eating lunch thinking about the busy weekend of baseball from Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson County.  The threat of rain still dances in my head as I think back to how close we came to being rained out for the fifth time this spring.  But we weren’t.

Friday night saw a Bugs team eager to play along with parents happy to finally be outside of the practice field.  We faced some ole friends of the Showtime Black and watched Aaron and Gresham pitch.  Our bats were not as hot as we hoped, but were enough to get us a win.

Saturday was a cloud watching morning with the field being dried with lawn blowers.  Game was only delayed a few minutes and it was game on for Brandon, Alex and Patrick on the mound.  Again, bats were not hot.  A few of the Bugs got some hits, but it was mostly the defense that can be credited for the 7-0 win over the Road Dogs.  This win put us in the Gold Division for Sunday’s tournament if the Saturday evening teams were able to get their games in.

Sunday everything was a little behind due to Saturday evening rain.  The Bugs were forced to face the Road Dogs again and some of their better pitchers.  A win put us on the sidelines to wait for other semi-final game to be played between the Franklin Comets and Franklin Ravens.

The Smyrna Bugs played the Franklin Comets for the Global Sports Championship with Gresham taking the mound. The Bugs were pumped but got behind 4 -2 early. Coach Pete and Coach Eddie were letting their blood pressure show as Coach Chris kept saying “it is a 6 inning game boys.”
Gresham kept pitching and the Bugs kept making great plays like Bryce taking blocking a grounder at first and beating the runner to the bag. Like Steven running down a fly ball and, as usual, catching with one hand. Like Chase putting the tag on runners in the pick off plays. Ryan snagging a grounder and one step throwing to first for the out. Patrick stepping up to pitch the last pitch of the game and Alex stretching for all he had to catch a line drive for the last out of the game. Combine this with the base running and stealing of Dayton, Aaron and Brandon. Dylan sliding home after tagging up at second on a blooper behind second.

The Smyrna Bugs pulled out a win over the Comets who are led by coaches with a lot of class and sportsmanship. Each game over the weekend was concluded by both teams gathering on the mound for prayer led by Coach Pete. Somehow he is always able to bring the blood pressure down of those around and help us remember there are things in life bigger than the final score.