Again.  Again.  Again.  We were rained out of the Annual Mother’s Day Classic this weekend, but Sunday was so pretty we hit the field for a scrimmage.  We brought in the mound and played a full game against a team who always shines.  But the Bugs played at top level with everyone hitting, exciting plays and learning a couple of new ones.  The fun of playing baseball on Mother’s Day seems to be in the blood of the Bugs.

The entertainment seemed to be from the bats of the Bugs.  Each player stepping to the plate with confidence.  This confidence was unexpected due to the lack of tournaments we have been able to play this spring.  The rain has kept us out of four tournaments, each costing a batter 10 to 15 at bats.  Facing pitching in the low 50s is not easy on a good day, but really expecting to be very tough on a rainy weekend behind by 40 at bats.  However, the Bugs had their hitting practice in and tagged the ball at each at bat.  You guys make us proud to be part of the Smyrna Bugs organization!

And Moms, what can we say?  THANK YOU for all the support, the washing of uniforms, the cooking, the chauffeuring, the hugs and the encouragement through the special understanding that only a Mom can have.  You are special!