I was too upset to blog about the Smyrna Bugs on Monday due to ANOTHER tournament being rained out.  Then the week hit and I got busy with LifePoint Church working and planning concerning potentially five new LifePoint Campuses world-wide in 18 months.  GroupLife really got a buzz about this and the opportunity to take on the training of Small Group Pastors to run these campuses.

Now it is Thursday and I finally have a chance to sit and ponder what all God has been doing this week.  I can see Him working on Small Group members and their vision for global impact now, compared to just getting through the next weekly SG meeting.  On Tuesday I watched our team get all excited about the potential campuses as we met together in our monthly staff meeting.  Wednesday evening was full of smiles and excitement as meetings took place all over the FBC Smyrna Campus in preparation for various levels of involvement and leadership on these campuses.  Today I am preparing to network with SG Pastors across the great state of Tennessee via the Saddleback Small Groups Network.  And I must admit, seeing the sun shine has been somewhat distracting as I dream of the weekend and another Smyrna Bugs tournament.  This weekend is the annual Mother’s Day Classic in Franklin, TN.  Let’s Go Bugs!!!!! (stay away rain!!)

Both of these subjects are so much a part of me, baseball and ministry, that I can’t help but put them both in this blog post.  If there was a reason for me to be excited, awake full of energy,  and exist on this planet, these two things have to be a major part.

Let me leave you with this quote about Small Groups and God’s work, from a friend, Bill Search of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville KY:  “Groups that last are groups that figure out a way to inspire every member of the group to begin doing exactly what it is that they feel they have been put on this planet to do.”  My group and team have most definitly done this in my life.  THANKS BUGS AND LIFEPOINT!!!!