For what was I born?  The search for vision and purpose is not always clean and easy, but when you catch the vision God has for your life you won’t need Red Bull or Vault.  Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises and your eyes open wider with excitement.  The adrenaline gets pumping and you are ready to take on the world.

For me the vision that wakes me up in the middle of the night; the energy that jumps into my bones that causes me to learn, read, watch, coach, study and talk is this: To enable, inspire, and see people using their passion to see lives transformed and eternities changed.  Seeing lives transformed with a hope and a future.  Nothing does this like relationships.  And nothing builds this level of relationship like a Small Group.    Small Groups are the answer for transformed lives to be experienced by others.  It takes leaders like you for Small Groups to even be a possibility; leaders who passionately pursue accomplishing Discipleship, Community and Service with four or five other couples.

Last week several families felt their hearts race, their blood pressure rise, their eyes open wider and the adrenaline pumping in their veins. They said YES! to Christ and his leadership in their life.  They are learning watching, searching, and being trained for their next step on the journey Christ has for them.  They are in your Small Group, they are you, they are leaders and learners, they are new to SG and long-time members of SG.

Our job just got a little bigger.  Our vision must include seeing those around us, those God has entrusted to us, our group, and those under our influence brought closer to Christ but also to grow and develop in their specific calling to lead this level of ministry around the world.  No longer are we just leading a SG study, we are developing missionaries for the Kingdom who will take Christ where we will never go.  We are no longer talking about this week or last week, but next year, the next generation, the next country, the next continent that God is calling LifePoint Church to impact.  Tonight/this week in SG, don’t look at it as you have in the past.  Look into the eyes of those in your group and catch a glimpse of the picture God is beginning to paint in their lives.  Let your minds move to following Christ as a life-style, not a program on your calendar.

For this Glocal Impact I can truly say “I was born for this!”