This weekend was a weekend to learn.  One, the Smyrna Bugs finished  runner-up in the BPA Spring Classic which taught them the lesson of humility and not getting over-confident.  Saturday was full of exciting pitching and hitting by the Bugs.  Alex and Dylan got their starts on the mound and were aided by Chase, Ryan and Dayton.  The Bugs walked away with two wins.

On Sunday it was a different story.  The Bugs all excited from the wins on Saturday and forgot to show up on Sunday.  The first game was a slow start for the offense, but the defense was ready.  They were able to close the first inning with a triple play off a line drive to left field and doubling off the runner at third and second.  Smyrna Bugs won and moved on to the championship game were the “wheels came off.”  They struggled through the game with a small lead and gave that up in the 5th (6 inning games).  They lost the Nolensville Vipers 9-8.  Follow your gut when you know something to be possible, don’t discount the possibilities, face the facts, be humble, and continue to play hard.

Two, there was some distraction for this coach and one player.  On Saturday my father-in-law was put on a ventilator and Gresham had to pitch on Sunday without Mom or Dad present.  I will try to make what seemed like a long weekend (father-in-law in hospital and Bugs loosing) a short story.

The doctors took Al off the ventilator on Sunday afternoon soon after the tournament was over.  The scan showed little hope since one lung was not working at all and the other only partial.  He was given 24-48 hours to live.  My wife called about 4:30 and asked that I come up on Monday (today).  With that request I farmed out the boys and headed to Kentucky last night.  When I arrived I found out he had been asking for me.  He and I talked for 2 hours, with him being very alert and on no pain medicine.  He shared that he “was about finished.”  He told the grand kids that although he was a tough guy, “this one would probably get him and they needed to carry on.”

Everyone left the room and I stayed.  I asked if he had all his business taken care of and he replied that he had never been baptized and wanted to.  I asked if he wanted to do that now or wait until in the morning when the family would be there.  His response “Better do it now, something else might be wrong by morning.” I wish you could meet Lisa’s Dad, he is so funny.  His dry humor is always present, even in this conversation.

He shared how he had tried to live a good life, not hurt anyone and share everything he had.  But he knew he still needed to talk to God  and ask for forgiveness, which he did.  Papaw was baptized in his hospital bed at 11:30pm Sunday night with three sisters and a granddaughter present.  The family cried, but a peace that they had not had seemed to fill the room.  Papaw said “I am trying not to cry, but I am so tender hearted.”  With that we all cried.

The doctor took Lisa’s Dad (Alva) off monitors and started morphine this morning.  He is no longer as coherent as he was last night.  I am so glad I followed my gut on this and did not wait until Monday.

God often has His spirit lead us, whether that be