The Bugs played in Nashville over the weekend.  Two games Saturday saw the Bugs put up two wins.   Alex got his first start as a pitcher against the Riverdawgs. Dayton got an inning under his belt pitching the second inning then Ryan continued to hold the Riverdawgs to one run and Steven closed out the game for the Bugs.

In game two the Bugs faced the Hurricanes.  Patrick got his chance to be a starter and did great.   Chase had his usual outing in the second and the game closed with Dylan bringing his change up in with perfection.

The defense sound, the Bugs went to work each inning hitting, walking and stealing.  They were able to put a lot of runs on the board in each of the two games.  It was exciting to see Alex hit what was probably the longest hit of his career.  Dayton had a rough day getting hit byt the pitch once in each game.  Several drives to the fence kept the Bugs running the bases.  The day ended with the Smyrna Bugs taking the #2 Seed.

We awaited Sunday’s games, but as you probably know, the entire day was rained out.  The lesson from all this: “Enjoy Saturday, cause Sunday may never come.”  No, seriously, we had a great Saturday seeing some guys get on the mound that had not experienced that position in a live tournament.  There were some life-long memories made Saturday.  Parents and Grandparents getting to see their kids excel at a sport they love in a new league, new level and new positions.

Remember what is important, # 1 Seed, trophies or life-long memories of a chance to play baseball with some friends.  I vote for the latter and the Bugs Coaches hold to that as well.  Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your life.  Never forget what is important!