The world of Small Groups is so organic that it may seem futile to even try and establish some ground rules or objectives that are (dare I say?) permanent.  However, for LifePoint Church Small Groups the three objectives established in 2003-04 are still holding true.  As a matter of fact these three are what distinguish us from many other Small Group Ministries.  They are Discipleship, Community and Service. These three help answer most of the questions we get from other churches, other SG pastors and those questioning the validity of SG.

Discipleship:  We expect groups to fulfill this objective by conducting Bible Study at least two times a month and praying for those far from Christ.  Also lead in encouraging members to participate in corporate worship as well as have a daily quiet time (devotional life).  And, of course, where is discipleship if it is not developing future leaders or what we call apprenticing.

Community:  The expectation is for Small Groups to have parties every month.  Once a quarter we expect a party to focus on their friends who are far from Christ or invite new people to the group.  In this Community the opportunity for transparency increase which also allows accountability increase.  A way to grow Community is by sharing the load of Small Group by letting people use their passion, gifts and talents to serve the group.

Service:  Three areas for service to be lived out are church, community and each other.  Leaders can help members find a place to serve at church while not diminishing the need and joy received from serving the community.    Groups are expected to have service projects in the community.  Some of these projects are annual, while many result in monthly projects.  LifePoint Church is a missional church that provides several opportunities to serve globally as well.

Can we hold these objectives up too much, too often or too loudly?  From the organic nature of Small Group ministry I would say ‘No’ to each of these.  Keep the objectives clear and before the organization often.

PS:  So how do we do that?  Two ways are coming up at LifePoint Church:

1.  Small Group Celebration Luncheon, April 26, 12-1pm.  We will share stories from Small Group and report on recent service projects.

2. Discovering Your Leadership Potential class will begin April 22, 6:30pm in the auditorium.  This four-week class is designed to help people in understanding how God has wired them and for what purposes He is preparing them.  Speakers will include some of the top leaders in the Nashville area.