It all started on Friday with a trip to the doctor’s office.  I have been fighting sickness for 7 days and knew with the 5 Easter services approaching, I had to be 100%.  While waiting on the Dr.s report, the warnings of an on-coming tornado blasted through the hospital PA system.  For the next few hours I could only text my family who were hiding in a closet at home.  The rain and winds increased as I sat in an inner room of the hospital with many other sick and scared people.

Texts flew!  Worries increased.  News channels were calling our city’s name over and over.  Families worried.  Then it was over.  We were released to go our way.  As we did we realized some of our families, friends and cities had been hit with the tornado.

I got home, hugged the family and was thankful our home and family were untouched by the tornado.  However, some LifePoint families and our community had been hit.  I began to get in touch with LifePoint staff on what we needed to do.   I discovered we already had teams on the ground clearing trees, helping families, working along side emergency and recovery crews.

By Friday night we had a plan and were communicating via email, blogs, twitter, and Facebook.  On Saturday morning we had over 100 people head to Murfreesboro and serve.  We had many more bring supplies.

The suprises for me include how fast a storm can arrive.  How quickly life can change. The many channels of commuication we use today and how helpful they are.  The many people that will respond quickly to a crisis. How in two days a community can come together and begin to help with the healing process.

It will be a long recovery and healing process for many families, but thanks to neighbors, friends and people who are willing to give, to serve, to share maybe it will be an easier road for them.