What does it mean to be missional?  It is a word we hear a lot about.  I can look around my office and see it on book titles, on Small Group Study covers, on our website, on our bulletin.  But what is it?

One of my son’s least-favorite places to discover definitions is Wikipedia.  So I pulled this definition of “Missional Living” from there (just a father-son jab, ha ha):  “Missional living” is a Christian term that describes a missionary lifestyle; adopting the posture, thinking, behaviors, and practices of a missionary in order to engage others with the gospel message. The use of this term has gained recent popularity due to the Emerging church movement to contrast the concept of a select group of “professional” missionaries, with the understanding that all Christians should be involved in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.  The Great Commission is found in the New Testament of the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 28, verses 19-20.

So what does service have to do with this?  Serving others because you love them or want to share the love of Christ with someone or feel the need to help others actually helps you more than them.  The energy; uplift in your spirit; satisfaction that you gave to help someone; produces a feeling of fulfillment, of joy, of excitement.  Your views of life and situations change when you help others.  Your view of yourself changes when you help others.

LifePoint Church is a missional lifestyle church.  LifePoint Groups are missional lifestyle groups.  Part of our DNA, our Small Groups objectives is Service:  to each other, the church and the world.  (Discipleship & Community are the other two objectives.)  To experience the community talked about in Acts 2:42 in your life get involved in a Small Group.  To experience Missional living, join that Small Groups service project.  To experience missional living on a more regular basis in your life, serve in one of the ministry areas of LIfePoint Church.  Check it out a lifepointchurch.org.