Each year LifePoint Church moves into the community via Service Projects.  We take one weekend a year to serve the community in a focused and intense way.  Before you jump off here and say “well why not more often than once a year”  let me beg you to read on.  We don’t ONLY serve the community one weekend a year, we begin a year-long, life-long relationship on this one weekend a year.  It is called Arms Around Smyrna and this year we will be working on local schools, a nursing home, the city parks and rec, and a women’s recovery ministry.

Adult Small Groups work with Student Small Groups to complete these weekend projects.  Many of the projects lead to relationships that continue long after the weekend.  Last year a Student Small Group along with an adult Small Group leader served the home of a single Mother.  In the process of a weekend project, the Small Groups realized the on-going need to help this family.  Now there is a continual service, not only to this family, but other families in her neighborhood.

When you serve it not only unites your group, it unites the church and the community.  When neighbors see teams working on a home or building, they are naturally interested in what is happening.  When communities begin to talk about how the work got done and who is behind these projects, they want to be involved.

Many of the LifePoint Small Groups have served in Arms Around Smyrna.  All LifePoint Small Groups have SERVICE as one of their core values.  (Discipleship & Community are the other two core values).  We are driven to share our love for others, for the community, for our neighbors.

Service projects, can you think of one in which your Small Group might get involved?