Following a beautiful day on the field last Tuesday, we fell into the spring rains and cool weather.  So wet and cool that the weekend tournament we were scheduled to play in was canceled.  All that excitement.  All the planning.  All the uniform alterations.  All the dreams of the little minds went to waste once again due to the weather.

HOWEVER, never let the wet and cold slow the Bugs down.  On Sunday is was out to the grass fields (and puddles) to get in some batting and pitching practice.  The guys loved it, all wet, muddy, diving for baseballs, sliding into the base even when not necessary, throwing their hats in on the wet, muddy ground.  This truly was a practice they will never forget.  Smiles all over their faces.

Then there were the Dads, who on first arrival were concerned about getting their coaching shoes muddy and the degree to which the balls would be ruined.  That was UNTIL they got back in their vehicles and realized they could spin for all they had and sling mud and slide around.  Then these Dads became kids again.  Smiles all over their faces.

Then there were the Moms, who on first arrival were concerned about their cars and washing machines.   They stood in the gravel and chatted while the little fellows got muddy, I mean practiced.  The Moms discussed how to get the muddy kids home without destroying the interior of their cars.  They fussed among themselves and watched as those new cleats turned brown and dripped from puddles that just happened to get in the way.  When the Dads slung the mud the Moms had to laugh at how their husbands were acting like kids, again.  Smiles were all over their faces>>until they got home!

Oh well, this weekend looks like better weather and possible scrimmage.  Until next muddy day….GO SMYRNA BUGS!