Well, this past weekend was to be a wonderful weekend of spring training for the Smyrna Bugs.  BUT, as each March in Tennessee, the weather decided to change and bring rain on Saturday, then Snow on Sunday.

So, it is back to the batting cages a couple of times this week and hopes of a scrimmage on Sunday.  In the meantime we will continue to offer sponsorships to local businesses and the potential “Adopt-a-Bug” program.

Currently some of the sponsors for the 2009 Smyrna Bugs Baseball program include City Tile, Ash Busters, Dr. Kressin, Adoption Assistance, Inc., Margareta House Mexican Restaurant, Stonecrest Family Physicians, Dr. Rick Russell.

Because of businesses like these, the 11 players of Smyrna Bugs and their families are thankful.  We will see another season because of you!