Full day of meetings at the annual Saddleback Small Groups Confernce in LA. My friend Rick Howerton of Serendipity House invited a bunch of us to meals throughout this week to share, learn, encourage, and inspire.

There is only so much info a man of my age can take in one day, and Rick pushed the limits.  An early breakfast with Bill Search of Southeast Christain Church in Louisville KY led to a conversation about adding hundreds of people to Small Groups each year.

A late breakfast with Gerald Sharon gave me many laughs as usual.  But he also shared about Jon Bishop, Living Hope Church in Vancouver, WA.  His church of 11 sites baptized over 4000 people in the last 36 months.

Then lunch included conversations with Lyman Coleman, the father of Small Groups in the USA.  He shared some wonderful stories about Billy Graham, Navigators, and the 12 Steps program.  All of which he was instrumental in starting.  Mark Howell was there sharing about leading resources for Small Groups and all the technology being used to raise quality and impact.

You never know where an encounter with another human being will take you.  I now belive in the 6 degrees of seperation!  Although, I have to agree with my mentor and friend (Rick, who sat me in front of these people) the 5th adn 6th degrees are hard to accomplish.

Who has God allowed you to bump into or sit in front of lately?????