What I thought to be a fun/work trip has turned into a faith building, God trusting, door of opportunity opening-trip. And it only day 2/4

I spent this morning listening to Rick Warren share about the new magazine Purpose Driven Connection.

Take homes:

4 issues people are facing in next 18 months:
1.   Need to feel deeper connection each other, can’t go it alone.
2.   Want their questions answered.
3.   Looking to get their common problems solved.
4.   Help overcoming temptations of life.  When stress increases, temptations are harder to overcome.

Any sermon or study ideas here?  Don’t miss what God is showing you!

New for 2009:

-text a verse a day (same thing Frazier does with his student’s small group weekly, but he has his 9th graders do it.)

-Memorize a verse a week.

-Acts 2:46-48:  meeting in temple courts:  multi-campuses, multiple venues, multiple services.  The way to keep growing the church.

-People join Small Groups for content they can’t get anywhere else. They stay in groups because of relationships. r.warren

The trip?  Worth it!