Not only did the pros show up at Spring Training this weekend, the Smyrna Bugs also hit the field.  Bugs, in their new cleats, new batting gloves and sporting their team jackets (42 degrees and windy), the Smyrna Bugs 9 yr old travel baseball team worked-out in the cold.

This could be a blog about why the Smyrna Bugs are better than MLB.   I will refrain from mentioning the “no drug rule” with no tobacco, no alcohol, no affairs, (not even a girl friend to distract) and no steroids.  Or even bring up that the Bugs are more playful, love their fans, work for free, obey the coach, are more adorable than the pros, do their homework, still play ‘tag’ between innings, have no facial hair, cut their hair and still play in/with the dirt. But I won’t bring all that up.

2009 will prove to be a tough year for the Bugs as they move into the kid-pitch level with 15 tournaments across Middle Tennessee.  The Bugs have four to five pitchers ready to start on the mound and another five to six pitchers preparing to be closers.  The entire team is in pitching practice each week so that all 11 players could see time on the mound.

At the same time infielders and catchers are improving and increasing in numbers.  Out of a team of 11, five of them could easily see time behind the plate.    The infield is as solid as ever with most of them playing on  state championship teams in previous years.  And of course, the outfield is without question one of the quickest in the state with strong arms as well.

Don’t miss a single weekend of Bugs tournaments.  Tune in each Monday for The Smyrna Bugs updates.