God has incredible ways of impacting people through relationships. Frequently they are face to face encounters while other times He chooses to use a person who we never meet……at least this side of heaven. The second happened for me through the life of Pauline “Mawmaw” Burba who went to be with God this week. “Little did I know” that a daughter of Pauline, would be the “smiling girl across the ice cream store” who caused my now good friend Eddie to pursue a relationship with her. That relationship of over 20 years has marked his life. (from “Little Did I Know 20 yrs Ago” 11/10/2008 blog) In my 5 yr friendship with Eddie, I discovered his life story contains “markers” that are a direct result of his relationship with Lisa and her family. His stories of large family gatherings with Lisa’s family were a contrast to smaller gatherings at his home. The list goes on however, I will refrain since not gaining permission. :>) “Little did I know” that in October 2008 God would bless me with an opportunity to hear how people from LifePoint Church served Eddie and the boys while Lisa was away with her parents. “Little did I know” the encouragement timely text messages from friends were to Lisa in those days. “Little did I know” how Monday evening, Eddie & Lisa felt the presence from many by reading messages sent by friends. “Little did I know” that God would touch my heart through these stories all a result of Pauline Burba’s life. As the guest blogger for Eddie today, I invite you to leave a comment on the blog to encourage Eddie & Lisa. If they have impacted you, allow God to use you in their life.