WOW, it was in the 60s yesterday, which drove many of us outside.  Some of the Bugs took advantage of this warm weather by getting out and throwing baseball before the kick off of the Super Bowl.  They ran, threw and even broke out the weight ball.  Smiles on their faces encouraged me that spring is almost here.

We only have 6 weeks until the first tournament.  Hoping the Groundhog gives us the green light on beautiful weather so more afternoons of practice can happen.  Because Spring is right around the corner.

As the evening of football (hey, is that final play still under review?) then we moved to the BIG screen TV of a neighbor and had the party.   The pre-game warm up was successful in feeding the baseball fever.  I could see some excitement about competition slipping in as the thought of spring being close.

Okay, I said it three times…SPRING! That means it will happen, right?

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Stay tuned for weekly Bugs update as we move into the baseball season.