I finished the final session of Overflow, Wednesdays @ LifePoint last night.  We laughed, we cried, we learned, we shared, we made new friends and were challenged to practice some of the many disciplines of a Christ-follower.

One of the fun times was discussing the ‘Word of the Day.”  For me there is usually a word that comes out of my quiet time that stays with me the rest of the day.  You know, like the first song you hear when the radio alarm goes off in the morning.  Or maybe the song from last nights “American Idol”  🙂

Today’s Word for the Day is: ORGANIC.  Meaning living things developing naturally. It is a word often used in the Small Group world to describe how groups grow, multiply, and develop.  For me, today, it will be a reminder that God is always at work growing me in relationships, opportunities, conversations for the Kingdom.

Many things in life are programed, calendared, or habitual.  We get tunneled visioned to accompolish our next task, meet our next goal, schedule the next activity.  In SG world, we sometimes try to program growth in numbers or in spiritual development,  Thare are fundamentals that we need to practice, however, programed fundamentals won’t always work.  Like developing an apprentince in 6 or 12 months.  Like starting a new group every 18 months.  Like hosting  a GroupLink and hundereds get connected.

Organic growth is seen when a couple comes and says:  we want to HOST a SG and we have four couples already part of the group.  Organic growth is when someone says they have been praying for opportunity to serve and sense God has used (insert name) in their life to encourage them to step out and serve.  These are not program results.  These are God-designed growth processes that we must continue to pray for, allow, encourage and tell the stories of!!!

What is your word for the day?  What organic stories are you reminded of as you read this blog?  Where is God at work in your life/ministry?