Winter is tough on baseball players.  The cold, the snow, the wind, the darkness all lead to few practices.  So, when one of the Smyrna Bugs got a chance to head south for January, he jumped on it.

When Gresham heard the temperatures in Smyrna would be reaching into the single digits, he headed to his uncle’s house on Sanibel Island for a few days, glove in hand. (His aunt and uncle rented a home for the month and offered to share with family.)

There is not much that is more fun than running and playing on the beach.  But for this Bug, the baseball glove made it even more fun.  You would have thought it was Spring Training or something.  Daily workouts included push-ups, laps in the pool and simulated game situations for his pitching practice.

Not only was it fun for Gresham, but his brother, Mom and Dad loved it too.  🙂  But all good things must come to an end, someone said.  And boy did it end.  When the plane arrived to take Gresh back to Nashville it was 78 degrees.  When the plane landed in Nashville it was 18 degrees.  Looks like a few more weeks of COLD before the entire Bugs can get outside for practice, but at least this one has a tan to remember his “winter workout on the beach.”
Thanks Uncle Mark and Aunt Phyllis!