Smyrna Bugs, 9 yr old travel baseball team; 2006 & 08 Tennessee State Champions;, formerly sponsored by Bug Busters of Nashville; coached by four baseball enthusiasts; supported by parents who love to help, guide and encouage; ARE BACK!!!

We made it through the holidays, many of the guys getting baseball “stuff” for Christmas and can’t wait to start using it.  Some of the guys spent the off-season working on their agility, hitting, pitching in a gym, hitting softee balls and lifting weights (doing push-ups nightly :-).  Did I mention these guys are love baseball?  Did I mention they love competition?  Did I mention how much the parents love to see their kids having fun practicing and playing for the Smyrna Bugs?  No need to….

With tournaments only 8 weeks away, we have our work cut out for us.  With temperatures under 40, extremes projected into the single digits, inside workouts will have to do for now.  But rest assured, the Bugs are back and ready for the tournament season to begin.

If you would like to be part of this team by sponsoring these 11 little guys who play their hearts out, we invite you to contact the author:   Sponsorships of various levels including options: the travel banner, monthly newspaper articles on progress of the team, listing in the Smyrna Bugs Blog, or your logo on the sleeves of the players and coaches.


Stay tuned for The Smyrna Bugs reports each Monday.