On Friday we had a team fly to Chicago to continue learn about Neighborhood and Small Groups.  Our team:  Service Director, Krystal Brown;  Development Director, Teresa Eldred;  Small Group Leader, Peyton Bullen;  and Coordinator, Jon Frazier. We spent the evening learning from LaVerne Weber, Area Pastor for Willow Creek, about how their Neighborhood emphasis was impacting the various communities.

We experienced the Table, designed for Willow by Randy Frazee, where one person would share with group their story.  We listened, we shared and realized that God had learnings for us in all this: “Gatherings.”  Gatherings are neighborhood/areas/communities events where visitor and attenders of Willow gather one night a month for a meal to meet others.  It is one of their efforts to help people experience Community.

Our team discussed the impact, the need, the strategy for LifePoint Church.  If we stress relationships, but have hundreds of new people coming to LifePoint, FBC Smyrna Campus, each week, then how can we implement some kind of Gathering experience? We will be spending the next few weeks working on spring gatherings around the communities that LifePoint influences.

Gatherings can be as exciting as an Easter Egg Hunt or as fun as a cookout at your house.  Everyone loves a party, and I love to throw a good party.  So if we can find a way to combine the two, more people will experience community.  Interested?