You have probably read my blogs about the great subdivision in which I live.  AND probably remember some of the things we have done as a neighborhood to get to know each other, experience Small Group together, and help others.

Well there is a new twist happening…it is football fans (Texas vs. Ohio State) who live next door to each other.  As you drive into Stonewood, you will see lawns dressed in items that show support of the teams.

It all began when a verbal challenge was offered by a neighbor who is an Ohio St. fan, to my son who is a loyal, dedicated, addicted Texas fan.  The war was on!  It began before Christmas.  One night after dark we dressed their lawn goose in a Texas helmet and jersey.  Next we found an Ohio St. necklace on our dog.  Then it was the Texas flag in front of their Ohio St. flag in their lawn, which had a “dusk to dawn” spotlight on it.

Then when we arrived home from a Christmas party, we had four wise men in our Nativity scene.  The Nativity scene was a collection of 5′ tall wise men, a 4′ donkey, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  As well as a star that stood 9′ off the ground.  We had positioned the wise men far across the lawn making their way to the star in the east.  However, in the set for this particular night…Brutus, the Ohio St. Buckeye mascot, 4′ wooden cutout fully painted to perfection & in full spotlight, was right in line with the wise men.  Passing cars would slow and point at our unique Nativity scene.

We could not help but laugh and wave as others in Stonewood laughed at the competition that was being displayed.

We finally called a truce to finish our holiday experiences.  So now, both lawns (as close as possible to the property lines) are adorned with our respective teams.   We love our neighbors AND because of a few years of being good neighbors, working together to be neighborhood, and sharing & caring for each other when needed, we can have this kind of fun.

Hope you are working to establish neighborhood around you!