Eddie from Christmas Vacation probably made this statement more popular than was expected.  But I want to use it to represent our GroupLife gift to over 100 Small Group Leaders of FBC Smyrna.

Recent research revealed that nothing like the Bible fills the gap between the reality of our present relationship with God and where we would like to be.  As if we did not already know that.  What this research has helped us discover  are ways to incorporate God’s Word into (back into) our journey of becoming disciples.  Daily devotionals where a person reads the Bible in such a way that it is a conversation with God make a huge difference in our spiritual journeys.

So, to help our leaders stay in the Word in 2009, we are giving them a gift subscription to LifeWalk Daily Devotional magazine for 2009.  With their monthly copy of LifeWalk they will be able to read through the Bible in one year reading plan.   Also, their daily devotions will be calendared, going through key passages of every book of the Bible in one year.    There are places to write brief prayers and sections that help apply the lesson to their daily walk.

This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our leaders of FBC Smyrna for helping keep each of us in God’s Word on a daily basis.

And to quote Christmas Vacation:  “It is the gift that keeps on giving.”