Helping people find their place in ministry has long been a joy and purpose of mine.  in the past year I have watched God move people into positions that previously did not exits.  (See Krystal Brown’s story on this blog0-site).

When I met Teresa Eldred in August she talked about wanting to serve in Grouplife division, since she really did not fit in children, preschool or students.    She had worked mostly in Human Resources for an organization and was not sure about leading a Small Group.  Since most of our positions of service are leading Small Groups, I asked her to “hang around a while and see what God had planned.  (you probably see where this is going by now :-))

This summer I spent time with some guys from Seacoast Church talking about leadership development.  We discussed ideas about decentralizing the church campus and leadership development.

As I connected these two conversations, I began to see what God was doing.  Teresa help write and design the training booklets for Connexus 2008 (annual SG Leader training event) and was on the design team which launched on October 24, 2008.

So on December 3 we named Teresa Elderd as Development Director of GroupLife.  She will be leading the training and development of Small Group Leaders, Coaches, Coordinators and members via FBC Smyrna.

By being patient and watching for God at work, we have been able to see God call out more people to service, in areas that did not even exist months earlier.