I want to introduce to you a person who has helped FBC Smyrna Small Groups reach into the community via service.  Krystal Brown, along with her husband and family, came to FBC Smyrna through God’s leadership and joined a Small Group. In the Connecting with Membership class Krystal mentioned she wanted to serve in GroupLife, but not as a SG leader. We were (and are) still young in the GroupLife organizational development and really had no other place to serve than as a SG Leader or Coach (former SG Leader).
She hung around until we found what God had designed all along. She is passionate about service/ministry to the local community. We met. We talked. We dreamed. We launched the Service channel of GroupLife with her title as “Service Director”.

The Service channel is designed to recognize needs in the community:  schools, neighborhoods, ministries/organizations, police/fire dept needs, social services, businesses, etc.  Partner with these organizations to meet needs in the community by making needs known to Small Groups.

Krystal has many success stories and the time-gap of needs being made known and solutions offered is about 3 hours.  Krystal has worked to develop a relationship with many of the businesses and organizations in our community.   She is contacted by an organization concerning a need.  She has a contact system paired with the DNA of all Small Groups that allows her to direct the need to a few groups.   The group then replies if they would like to or can assist with the need.

Small Groups have come to adopt schools, a police department, a fire house, and a local ministry center.  In addition to these, many groups have participated in meeting needs on a one-time basis or annual event.

Service is one of the three objectives of GroupLife (Discipleship, Community and Service).  Through the discovery of God’s design and gifting of people, Krystal has found a calling, ministry and joy in life and many families and organizations have received because of her service.