I love the fall and nearing of Christmas season.  Several reasons, bonfires, playing in the leaves, watching a movie (because it gets dark before supper time now), and all the ‘dress-up’ banquets we get invited to.

One of these banquets was Bethany Christian Services in Brentwood, an adoption agency.  My wife’s business, Adoption Assistance of KY & TN was invited banquet.  We heard stories of various families who adopted through various forms.  We watched video clips of other stories.  Then we heard a former church pastor, now counselor with Bethany, share about his calling and his former church.  The small church in the south now has an adoption fund available to help families in the process of adopting.  They also work directly with several orphanages, sending funds, gifts and sending teams in to work on facilities

I sat there and listened wondering what my wife, Lisa, was hearing, thinking, and feeling.  I looked around the room and saw many of our friends have adopted via Bethany.  As the speaker continued with photos of orphanages, families and children, he talked about the difference churches were also making in families wanting to adopt as well as orphanages.

My mind began to race and analyze the thought “wonder what difference FBC Smyrna could make in a child’s life, a families life, in adoption world wide?” I was inspired!!!  And I shared this with those at my table, “I am inspired!!”  They all smiled and got excited in the thoughts I was inspired to adopt.

Well, not exactly.  As a minister in a great, growing church, I felt inspired to help guide FBC Smyrna to make a difference in orphanages and step forward in orphan ministry.  The Bible calls believers to care for the orphans (Deuteronomy 10:17-19; James 1:27).  The church can make a difference in many lives by being informed, organized, and serving together.


Since November is National Adoption Awareness month, we will be sharing stories in services, making information cards available, offering counseling to those searching, and move to the next step in being obedient to the entire Bible.


Every individual has the opportunity to help by:

Praying for children waiting to be adopted.  http://www.adoptuskids.org or http://www.rainbowkids.com both have pictures you can print and place on your refrigerator as a reminder to pray for them.

Provide an orphanage a washing machine, a crib or a package of diapers.  Raise money as family to help an adopting family.  Collect supplies for various mission partnerships via FBC Smyrna.

Support or adopt: Prayerfully and/or financially support a family who is adopting or God may be calling your family to adopt.