On Saturday of our 4 day trip to Mexico we went to a local orphanage.  We met a few of the children and played games with all of them.  Our guys will never be the same.  sth71151

We were moved by the compassion of the leaders of the orphanage and felt the need to help out.  It made us re-consider our “wants” for Christmas.

The kids loved to play and just wanted some people to hang out with them.


We have considered our work in Mexico and realized God had more for us than we did for them. He stretched our faith in Him because of language barrier, safety concerns (See Cal Ripken’s experience in Nicaragua during the same week @ baseball clinic). He helped us see life from another view and the opportunity He has given us to make a difference in others.

Through God’s protection these kids have a better life at the orphanage.  By making ourselves available we were able to experience many things others have never seen.  We saw poverty, security, loneliness, and the value of life and the things we assume are norms, not really norms or even possible in other countries.

Mission experiences change your view!  Pick an experience for your self and see what God can do for your view.   Review experiences @ FBC Smyrna Global i