What do you do after you launch a bunch of new Small Groups along with a sermon series?  Besides smoking a cigar on the porch of a Gatlinburg cabin (as suggested by one of our GroupLIfe staff) we suggest you jump into coaching and story-gathering.  Twice a year I wait with excitement, as a father awaits the birth of his child, to see what God is going to do through these Small Groups. God always shows his work and desire for relationship through our SG launches, both in new HOST Groups and on-going groups.   (For more on HOST see “HOST help friends connect” on this blog site.)

As the 6-8 week study nears the end, Small Group Leaders begin to call wanting to know what to study next.  For existing groups we suggest they think through their group in terms of the five marks of a disciple (FBC Smyrna Expectations) and the curriculum guide we have on-line.  There is also a SG Health Survey they can take for the group or offer to their group.  This will also help guide them to the next study.

If they are a new HOST with a new group we HIGHLY suggest (would require if I could) the Serendipity resource called Great Beginnings.  Check it out at http://www.serendipityhouse.com/store/product.aspx?iid=300&tid=11&aid=-1.

Great Beginnings is a foundational help to a new Small Group Leader and Small Group to help guarantee their “success.”  It covers stages of life for a group, discovers individuals gifts, discusses a SG covenant, helps people share their spiritual story, builds unity and launches the group toward service.  This is THE book for helping groups start well!

When this is behind you, then maybe you and your team can go smoke the cigar.  🙂