It was 20 years ago when I saw a smiling girl across the ice cream store.  My buddies laughed at me when I wanted to go talk to her.  It was really funny, when I approached her table, she walked out the front door.  My friend was driving that night and I talked him into “chasing” her. Later we had pizza, we talked, we laughed, we dated for a year, we married, we had a couple of kids, and 20 years later we still laugh at many of those memories.

This week was that girl’s birthday.  Little did I know when we were eating that pizza 20 years ago what all was in our future.  Little did I know that we would have so much fun celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.  Little did i know we would travel, move, build a family, build a house, build a ministry, and build a business.

Had I known way back then that today would be so good, I might have skipped the first 15 years or so.  🙂  But I think today is only as good as the years we have invested in this marriage, this family… this life together.  Although to some we are ‘old’ and have been married a long time,  I really feel these are some of the best days of life together.

Happy Birthday, Lisa. sspx0225