We are giving every participant in Connexus ’08 the book “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” by Donald Whitney.  In it Whitney covers the top disciplines to making progress in your relationship with God.  One of the disciplines he discusses is journaling.

A journal is one of the best places for charting your progress in the other Spiritual Disciplines and for holding yourself accountable to your goals.  My favorite use of the journal is in helping me remember what all God has done in my life, the struggles he has helped me through and the surprised blesses he has given.

Want to try writing down what God is sharing with you?  What about some of the prayer requests, issues you are dealing with, concerns or struggles you have?

Write down recent events in your life and your feelings and responses to them, brief prayers, joys, successes, failures and quotes.  Make notes about the days happenings or meetings that are coming up.

Then in a few months or years, glance back at some of these.  If you are like me, you will be apologizing to God for not trusting him on some of the struggles or issues.  I also find myself laughing a lot as I look back at the things I was worried about.

Hey, learning is mostly by discipline, not by accident.  That applies to baseball, driving, exercise and spiritual growth.  Don’t give up on the disciplines!  Especially journaling what God is doing in your life!