Today my focus is on my oldest son Graham. He is 14 yrs old and loves to work. He spends his time studying the newest gadgets, best equipment and how to expand his lawn mowing opportunities. He is a sold out servant who looks to help anyone and everyone he can. Guess that is the otter-mercy personality gifts at work.

Right now he is on a week-long mission trip to eastern Kentucky to help refurbish a home for a suffering family.

He worked all summer mowing lawns, mulching, edging, trimming weeds, and serving neighbors in order to make money to go on this trip. He paid his own way to summer camp for the last three years through this same process.

While many kids are playing video games, sitting around eating chips and talking on the phone, G is trying to generate work and experience in order to, one day, start his own business.

Why this focus today? Because most of us spend time griping and complaining about our teenagers. We are caught up in their laziness, their spending habits and their continuous ability to ‘go’. Lest you forget, we were one a few (many) years ago. Teenagers are going through a lot of searching, discovery, and designing for their own life. They need our help, our encouragement, our bragging, our unconditional love and respect. For only through this lifestyle will we receive the help, encouragement, bragging and unconditional love and respect in return.

“Do unto others as you would have the do to you.” Matthew 7:12 Hey, it ain’t only for neighbors, co-workers and friends, this is family too!