I have heard “Confession is good for the soul.” Well, here is mine.
Over the last couple of weeks our Small Group has had a death of a family member and hospitalization of another. Our group has struggled to meet and do the PDL studies because of these two direct hits.

For 20 years as a Minister of Education I was trained to concentrate on numbers every Monday morning. I felt the weight of being responsible to God and the church for total attendance in Sunday School every week. I was raised and trained in the ‘attendance’ world of education ministry.

For the last 4 years I have been transitioning to a Small Groups Director who concentrates on connecting people for Discipleship, Community and Service. Part of that is Bible Study meetings, but an equal part is to live out the scriptures, live in community and serve one-another.

My Confession: On Monday morning I contacted some of our group and asked if they met on Sunday (our scheduled night to meet). The answer came back ‘no.’ I was disappointed and felt like I had failed to lead our group on the importance of meeting. THEN IT HIT ME! I was more focused on the attendance to a meeting than the ministry, community and living out of Acts 2:42 that took place in our group. I had backslide to attendance as THE focus.

What I now realized is that our group did “meet”. They got together and decided who would feed the Mosleys’, who would visit the funeral home, who would take the donations for the memorial, who would drive the kids to and from school, who would watch the kids after school, who would contact the families to discover any needs, and who would lead out in prayer for the families affected by the a death and a hospitalization.

Acts 2:42 was lived out in our group!!! They did what they knew to do from reading, studying and practicing the Word of God. They lived out community! They put into practice the Purpose Driven Life principle of living in community, caring for each other, practicing the “one-anothers” God instructed in his Word.

Confession is good for the soul. It also helps the soul to share with a group of people who love each other, who care for each other and who want to practice scripture, not just hear about it. Telling those families that you are thankful to be in the group, sorry for putting more emphasis on meeting than on ministry and service is not so easy, but necessary!!!

Thank you Stonewood SG and for being so caring and loving, others oriented, ministry willing and great cooks!!!