The Smyrna Bugs finished their fall season of kid-pitch undefeated.  It was a fun and learning time for each player as they moved into the new realm of baseball.

What began as a fearful hitting squad turned into a well disciplined base-on-balls and RBI team.

What began as a very limited strike trowing team developed into a pitching rotation of 8 guys who could, on most nights, hit the target with at least 50% strike-to-ball ratio.

What began with an overly excited and anxious base running 9 yr old bunch of guys transitioned into a seasoned base-stealing machine.

What began as a “let’s just do this to see how we do” awakened to a “let’s win this thing and see how many various base running plays, pick-offs moves, and special hit-n-run designs we can design.”

The fall Murfreesboro Baseball Association League was above and beyond what we had hoped for.  The folks put together some great teams, great attitudes, and coaches deserving of respect.  The umpires stepped up to communicate with the kids, offered instruction on balks (the number one goof when moving into kid-pitch) and called the games as accurate as possible considering the level of play we brought to the game.

Now the Bugs will exhale…..for a few days 🙂 then move to the winter workouts to get ready for the ’09 spring season.

Stay tuned for updates on winter workouts.  I can’t wait for spring training!!!!!