Sunday, FBC Smyrna had their quarterly Small Group Luncheon.  If you happen to miss it here are some of the things we discussed:

1.  Introduced our newest Small Group Coordinator and he shared his story.  We now have four Coordinators.

2.  Gave away gift cards to some of the finest restrauants in Smyrna

3.  Shared details about Connexus ’08 happening on October 25.

4.  Heard about Service ideas and how your group can be a part.  PDL Oct 5 & 12 will focus on these.

5.  New HOSTs shared why they became HOSTs and what SG Leaders can do to have apprentices who can become HOSTs.

6.  And some people’s favorite….WHY and HOW TO complete a Group FInder Roster and take attendance for your group.

This, and free lunch, is the kind of information we share each quarter at our luncheons.  All Small Group Leaders are expected to attend at least two luncheons per year.  Many even bring their apprentice or entire group to experience SG leadership at a different level.  After two years of having these luncheons, we continue to set attendance records.  Small Groups are a growing way to share Discipleship, Community and Service.