Smyrna Bugs are playing in a fall league in preparation for 2009 Kid Pitch Tournaments.  It has been a time of learning for every kid and coach.  The Smyrna Bugs 9U team are 9-0 for the fall, but not without some weird plays and unusual wins.

This week the Bugs won a game 10-3 with only 1 hit.  That is how different Kid-Pitch can be.  Winning pitchers for the week include Alex, Ryan, Bryce, and, with their first appearances on the mound:  Partick and Dylan.

Cool pick-off moves on Monday night gained 5 outs at second and 2 outs at first.  Steven got his first inside-the-park homerun on Monday night as well.  Gresham gained his first triple as the ball bounced over the third baseman and went to the fence.

I am having so much fun>until Tuesday night=when head coach Chris could not be at the game and turned it over to Coach David and me.  We have some great parents who step up to meet any need and two of the dads faithfully served in the dugout.

As you already know we produced a one-hit winning game.  If that is not enough coach David had to leave in the bottom of the last inning.  As my heart raised with excitement and wonder…what if I blow this.  🙂

We had the pick off move set up to get at least one out, then the overthrow happened.  Runner from thrid scores and runner on first goes to third.  Next batter walks.  First and third pick-off move again.  I now have parents looking at me along wtih catcher, third baseman, first baseman, and pitcher.  Well, you gotta call it with everyone on your side expecting it.  And again, bad throw, bad catch, bad throw equals:  runner on third scores and runner on first goes to third.  BUG NOT THIS TIME BUDDY!  Catcher throws a bullet to the thirdbaseman and gets the out.  A slow grounder to the pitcher puts the game in the win column for the Bugs.  And puts coach Eddie and Coach David in the winners bracket as coaches.

To top off the week, Bugs moms are headed to Girls Night Out at FBC Smyrna and then to a movie afterwards.

I love this game.