We’re not done!  Just to see hundreds of people join groups is not the goal!  This is just the beginning of Kingdom growth, to get people connected with others.  Now we begin to shore up the spiritual development, community and service of every group, every individual.

Following the Launch series study, each Small Group has the opportunity to choose their next study, via the Curriculum Guide, that will help them grow in Christ.  Each SG also has a Coach who is experienced and trained in helping SG Leaders guide their groups toward spiritual development.  With the assistance of a Coach and Curriculum Guide, a SG can map their next steps on the journey.

This process helps people track their spiritual growth through studies.  But studies alone will not grow you in Christ.  There are some guidelines, instructions, expectations that are written in the Word that are part of the journey, not about curriculum.   Isaiah 58 tells us to …”break the chains of wickedness, set the oppressed free, …and to share.”  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.”  Matthew 22:37-39.

Moving people toward a Small Group that is striving to live an Acts 2:42 life is our goal.  Experiencing life change in this kind of group is up to God and the individuals.  This is the journey of being a Christ follower.

Are you involved in a group of people striving to be an Acts 2 group?