WOW.  I had heard about growth in Sunday School.  I have heard about special campaigns to move people into Bible Study.  I spent 20 years leading the Education division of churches trying to put into practice all the methods, practices, processes about which I continually learn.  But nothing seemed to turn out like the articles I read.

So, I went to one more conference and scheduled lunch with one more SG pastor from a church that was experiencing growth.  I shared with some of our division leaders what I had learned.   Then we prayed, met, discussed, prayed some more, listened and then put together a plan.

In February we saw God add over 400 adults to Small Group Bible Studies.  Then again in August another 170 people joined Small Groups via FBC Smyrna.  I was/am in awe of what God is doing through relationships.  He continues to draw people to himself.  Thank you God!
Day 10 of Purpose Driven Life says “You let go and let God work.  You don’t have to always be “in charge.”  Surrender!   “Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for Him.”  Psalm 37:7.   We did.  He did.  We are.  He will.

Now this growth does come with a lot of problems for administration:  chairs, books, kids, preschoolers, hallway space, paper towels, coffee cups. my chair in the auditorium, baptism robes and water usage, software upgrades, data input time, (and the other things you are thinking about…)  You do hear the sarcasm in this don’t you?

But God brings the benefits as well:  children to his Kingdom, baptisms, leaders, tithes/offerings, worshippers singing his praises, teachers, preachers, missionaries, community impact, (and the other things you are thinking…)

Only through Small Groups off-campus could we have possibly seen this kind of growth.  We don’t have the space or chairs.  We need more and more people to serve in children, preschool, student, worship, first impressions on Sunday mornings.  And what has been exciting, God has used these groups to disciple people for his Kingdom.

Where is God leading you and your church?  What could you do to see hundreds of people move into Bible Study groups/classes?