Connexus is the annual training and development event for FBC Smyrna.  Part of the required training to be a Small Group Leader at FBC Smyrna is to attend one major training event per year.  THIS IS IT!  In addition to apprenticing, attending at least 2 Small Group Luncheons and meeting with your coach at least 3 times a year, this annual event helps unite, cast vision, give encouragement and specific help in specified areas.  

Each year Connexus focuses on a different one of the three objective of Small Groups:  Discipleship, Community and Service.  In 2006 Connexus focused on Discipleship and organization that helps people get connected and grow closer to Christ in the next year.  Then in 2007 Connexus focused on Service with Rick Rusaw of “The Externally Focused Church” challenging and directing us on how to serve the community, our neighborhoods, and Middle Tennessee.

This year Connexus will move us into Community, not serving the community, but building Community in our group and with other groups.  How to listen, care, share, build accountability and give belonging to each participant of your group.   Laverne Weber Director of Area Pastors at Willow Creek will be our guest speaker and lead developer for Connexus 08.  Laverne has been on staff of Willow for many years leading various ministry perspectives of Small Group.  Not only does Laverne work with Area Pastors, but he lives a life of example for Community.  He, and wife Susan, lead a Small Group in their Town Home development and work with community organizations to unite the two.   

NEW to Connexus will be three different levels of training for all participants (whether in leadership or not) that will be based on their tenure in Small Group life.  You will have the opportunity to choose your breakout for the morning enabling you to concentrate your learnings in areas you desire.


Stop by the Small Group booth in the lobby for more info.