When looking for a leadership book, I was given this book written by John Maxwell. John is one of the leading authors in the area of leadership and works with corporations all over America to develop their company and leaders.   Maxwell quotes John Wooden from a motivational speech which would do us all well to hear.  Here is the quote that stuck with me concerning leading others:

“1. Appreciate them for who they are.  2.  Believe that they will do their very best.  3.  Praise their accomplishments. 4.  Accept your personal responsibilities to them as their leader. ”

John also quotes Bear Bryant (for you younger readers, he was coach of a football team south of TN).  “If anything goes bad, I did it.  If anything goes semi-good, then we did it.  If anything goes real good, they did it.”

You may be saying “I am not a leader.  I don’t coach or run a business.” I don’t think either of these are necessary for these two quotes to live in our lives.  I am a parent.  I am a coach.  I am a leader of volunteer teams.  I am a leader of a division.  I am a neighbor.  These principles will impact my life in many areas and are ways I can develop those around me. 

Who are five or six people around you that could be developed by YOU living out these principles?