I was working on emails about 5:30am Tuesday morning when someone knocked on our front door.  Coffee in hand, I went to the door and found one of my neighbors.  She shared tragic news about a young boy who had been killed the night before in a car accident, the son of her close friend.  I was in shock, yet immediately thought about the neighborhood the family lived in and the many Small Groups from FBC Smyrna that are housed in that same neighborhood. 

As she left my house I thought about the best plan for mobilizing the ministry that would need to take place for this family.  Around 8:30am I called the Small Group Coordinator for that area.  He had not heard about the accident yet and said he would make some calls.  In a few minutes he called back and shared that everything was under way and the family was being cared for by two Small Groups in the neighborhood.  I felt relieved that our system of networks and neighborhoods had worked.

What I did not realize at first was that the Small Groups had gone to work about 8am, at least 30 minutes before the official call came from my office.  WOW, how did that happen.  The Neighborhood Small Groups are so close that when one neighbor heard the tragic news, she called the Small Group Leaders, not the pastor, not the GroupLife pastor, not the coordinator, but their neighbors. Their ministry family, their Small Group Leaders.  By the time I had gotten what I thought was “the ball rolling”, they had already been in the home and prepared food for the family. 

How sorry I am for this family.  The death of a child must be unbearable. May God use these neighbors to share his love, peace and comfort with them during this terrible time. 

Neighborhood Small Groups work.  Are you part of one?  Could God be calling you to start one?