Smyrna Bugs won season opener 12-8 in four innings.  It was a grand view to see the Bugs take the field in the MBA fall Kid-Pitch season.  For the first time in their lives the boys took the field to defend behind live pitching, lead-offs and base stealing. 

The excitement filled the air as the Bugs led off with a triple, double and single.  The Bugs showed up to field a roster of only 9 players due to sickness and a new loose tooth.  (Patrick took a grounder to the tooth in practice Sunday.)  Base stealing by several Bugs was a new level of adrenaline and fear.  Base-stealing may have been the new key to the game.  A couple of run-downs, pick-offs, and catches led to a winning defense. 

We spent the last three weeks playing scrimmages and charting pitches to see how the boys were learning, improving and growing stronger.  This led to our opening game pitching combo of Gresham and Aaron.  Their combined eighty-one pitches, five strike-outs, and five hits, led the way to the win. 

What will the fall season hold for the next set of pitchers?  Who will get to steal their first base tonight?  What about another drive to the fence by Steven?  Or maybe even a double steal?   The eleven remaining games should prove to be a fall to remember in the life of the Smyrna Bugs.  

stay tuned….