Another common question about Small Groups:
Where do you find new Small Group Leaders? How do you start so many groups in February and September? The answer: HOST

Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, coined this accrostic a few years ago and FBC Smyrna has adapted it to fit our needs. HOST stands for

Home: open your home: invite 4 couples or 8 singles to your home for 6 weeks to study the series the entire church is going through. These are people whom you would like to be with and see them grow in Christ at the same time you are growing.

Operate a DVD player: we provide free to all HOSTs a DVD that does the teaching for you. Just pop in the DVD and watch the speaker with your entire group. Then you can discuss the information as a group from your book, sermon notes and DVD information.

Serve snacks: food always makes the study go better. After the first week, you can invite others can allow/invite others to provide the snack for following weeks. (See blog on “How do you spell survival” for more info on Share the Load.)

Talk: most of the participants are the friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow teammates, family, that you have invited. Talking should not be a problem. Don’t worry about going deep or chasing issues you don’t have answers for, that is what your Coach, Coordinator and Staff are here for. Just write down the question and tell the group you will search for the answer and get back with them next week.

I encourage you to consider being a HOST for this falls church-wide series: Purpose Driven Life (PDL) which begins on Sept. 7.

Required HOST orientation will be on August 24, 31 and Sept 7. Choose the Sunday morning you want to attend and let us know. We will provide you with everything you need to make these 6 weeks a great Group experience.

If you still have room for more people in your PDL Group, work the Group Link event on August 17 & 24. We will give you a table and promotion space on the insert in the Sunday Bulletin. Those interested in joining a PDL Group can come by the Concourse on these two Sundays and talk with you about your group and join if they so choose.

HOST, a way to share Christ with your friends and neighbors! Consider being one today!