A new era in the life of Smyrna Bugs has begun.  This fall we move to the 9 and under kid-pitch league.  Right now I can hear the boys dreaming about being on the mound, 9th inning, and needing one more out to win the tournament. 

We have begun practice of pitching, from the stretch and wind-up.  Most of the games will be pitched from the stretch since there are a lot of runners getting on base in this league.  It has been a lot of years since I pitched.  (I know, at my age it has been a lot of years since I did a lot of things.  ha).

We also get to lead off and steal in this league.  That is almost as exciting to some of the guys as the thought of pitching. 

We will spend this fall getting acquainted with the mound, stealing, and hitting off of a kid who has not pitched much either.  We hope to learn and perfect the pick-off move, how to get back to the base on a pick-off attempt, and discover the secrets to hitting on a pitcher who (compared to Coach Pitch) does not want you to hit.  So far it has proven to be a lot of fun for the Bugs.

Stay tuned for the Monday Morning reports from Smyrna Bugs Baseball.