A common question around FBC Smyrna is from new Christ-followers “How do I grow as a Christ-follower?”  What do I ‘do’ next? 

You may already know that ‘doing’ is not always what Christ asks of us.  And the ‘doing’ does not make you a perfect or worthy Christ-follower.  It is in the being, in the wanting, in the longing to be more like Christ that grows us.  However, ‘doing’ does help us greatly in the pursuit of the wanting, being, longing.  “Our task is to align ourselves with God’s will and purposes and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work.”  Follow me.  You probably asking “What are you saying?”

There are some things we know, that if we practice them, help us grow closer to Christ.  FBC Smyrna has five expectations:  attend worship and have a devotional life; be in a Small Group; Serve:  at church and/or in community; invest in relationships for the Kingdom; and tithe.  We know from scripture and experience that these five are signs of a growing Christ follower.  Practicing them won’t make you ‘perfect Christian.’ However, not practicing them opens up Satan’s playground to get a hold in your spiritual life. 

After 2 years of communicating these five expectations we are now moving to be even more intentional in helping us/people align ourselves with God’s will by offering classes to support these and the growth in fellowship of Christ.  Opportunities start this fall:

·          Starting Point, Sunday mornings (starting August 17) for those who are seeking more info on being a Christian, those who are new Christ-followers, and those returning to the church.  This latter group may have been in church as a child, may have gone to a church camp or week program, but never got connected to Christ.  It is only 10 weeks.

·          Wednesday Night Theology Class (starting August 20) for those for those wanting to go deeper in study of the Bible, the Christian life and connection with God.

·          GroupLink, your chance to get connected to a Small Group for Purpose Driven Life.  GroupLink is offered Sundays August 17 & 24 starting at 9am. 

·          Good Sense, Sunday mornings (Sept. 21) for those who need to get a handle on finances, start a budget, refine their budget.

·          Financial Peace University, Monday nights (Sept. 8) and yes this is Dave Ramsey’s material. 

 Check them out at www.fbcsmyrna.org