It was a unique weekend in the life of the Smyrna Bugs.  Normally we arrive 60 to 70 minutes early and begin to warm up and get excited.  However, on Saturday our game was at 9am but we arrived only 30 minutes early.  Warm ups were minimum and relaxed.  The normal intense grounders and fly balls, stretching, hitting was almost non-existent.  We would also have to play the weekend without our Second baseman, Alex, who had the weekend off to attend his aunt’s wedding.  The families began to wonder what was going on and paid close attention as we prepared for the first inning. 

As the Bugs took the lead and played great defense, the coaching staff was noticeably quiet and calm.  The boys played in a very relaxed way and seemed to just enjoy the Saturday morning.  It was the introduction of Patrick, usually the pitcher, playing secondbase.  We played three games in this same mode with many of the Bugs getting the opportunity to play their position of choice.   Several people mentioned the relaxed nature with which the Bugs played. 

A scare came when Steven, left center fielder, and the fastest guy on the team (and arguably the fastest 8 yr old in Smyrna) took a grounder off his foot causing damage to his big toe.  He was immediately placed on the DL list (that is MLB term meaning ‘disable list’ :-)) for Saturday and possibly Sunday.    Steven is a team motivator and carriers the emotion of the Bugs with his potential to hit the ball so hard it can’t be caught.  When Steven is smiling, the whole team is smiling. 

We won the three games on Saturday earning a place in Sunday’s Gold Bracket.  It would only take two wins to win the championship.  As we warmed up for the first game the guys were all asking about Steven.  The Bugs have become a close family and love to have Steven in the line-up.  Serious consideration was given to just keep him on the DL list through Sunday to help him heal for the upcoming World Series.  Then, on to the field comes Steven running and in full uniform.  There was not sign of his injury.  The Bugs all smiled and were then ready to play.

The Bugs were on top of their hitting game like never before and ‘run ruled’ both games in fifth and sixth inning respectively.  With the defense all in their normal positions, the Bugs were able to keep the runs-allowed to a minimum and walked away with another First Place finish.  This brings the Smyrna Bugs to a 9 -2 tournament record for 2008. 

You know, sometimes life just needs a relaxing day where we can play in the sunshine, ratchet down our blood pressure and nerves, and enjoy a day with family and friends.   This was especially good timing for the Bugs since we begin preparation for the BPA World Series, July 3-6 in Franklin, TN. 

Hey, relax and enjoy the summer. 
Life is too short to live so intense.