BUGS WIN!!  BUGS WIN THE STATE TOURNAMENT!!  As my Dad says “How ya like them apples?” 
A Father’s Day weekend to remember!  It was a hot summer weekend in Lavergne for the BPA State Tournament with 22 teams in 8 & Under division,  and three states represented. 

We faced a tough team from Georgia to open the tournament on Friday night.  Expecting to be a close game the Bugs played a top notch defense winning 10-1.  Little did we know that this defense would carry us to the State Championship Title. 

Saturday was a LONG day with rain delays.  The Bugs had to win both games to earn a place in the Gold Bracket.  In the first game against Havoc a few errors haunted our defense, combined with well placed hits by Havoc brought the game closer than we were comfortable with.  A win with the final score of 21 -13 was not enough to guarantee a Gold Bracket place.  We had to shut down the scoring of the final opponent of the day. 

After another delay it was time to face the Comets.  A three year team out of Franklin led by a great coaching staff who are always a challenge.  But on this day it was the Bugs with their strong defense that finished the game with a win of 9-0, clinching the Gold Bracket placement and a shot at the State Title. 

In January, dugout mom Susan Cobb sent an email (that would come back as a quote at the end of the night on Sunday) in an effort to raise funds for 2008 Smyrna Bugs.  In this email she motivated everyone to participate and gain sponsors by writing “our goal for 2008 is to reclaim our state crown.”   We had no idea in January that this was even possible. 

The Championship game was against McNair Sports (a team from years past and one of the ’08 teams who had beaten the Bugs) at 7pm on Sunday night.  Both teams known for hitting the ball hard and scoring a bunch of runs ended up staying in single digits for the championship.  I have heard “Defense wins Championships”, but now I have seen it.  And let me say it is the more stressful way to win.  🙂 

Bugs bats were not hot and scoring runs was tough.  Every inning was full of pressure as the defense stood strong and bats struggled to put more runs on the board.  A near catastrophe to the defense happened mid-game when Patrick (pitcher), took a grounder to his left eye.  In a matter of seconds it was swollen almost shut.  A few minutes in the dugout (with him saying “I gotta get back out there!”) and some ice, he was back on the field never missing a pitch.  He even made 2 of the last three putouts and caught a pop fly on the infield to end the game.  

Bugs win 9 to 7 to become Tennessee BPA State Champions 2008. 

Who are the Smyrna Bugs 2008 State Champions? 

Back Stop Bryce, catcher

Tough-as-nails Patrick, pitcher

Stretch Chase, first base

Little-Speedy Alex, second base

Gadget-arm Gresham, shortstop

Get-mad Ryan, third base

Run-em down Aaron, left field

Crusher Steven, center field

Big-glove Brian, center field

Hit-way Stuart, right field

To-the-fence Parker, Right field

Base burglar Dylan, designated runner

Congratulations 2008 Smyrna Bugs State Champs!

Happy Father’s Day>>>