The Head Coach for the Smyrna Bugs talks often about “Higher Thinking.”  “Higher Thinking” skills include critical thinking, analysis and problem solving.  Normally this is where I check out and get on to the things I can accomplish right now and don’t consider the bigger picture, future, and long term planning that is necessary for “Higher Thinking.”  J

But, recently I posed  the following questions to our GroupLIfe Division Staff and ask that they prayerfully consider the answers from a “Higher Thinking” perspective.

1. “Where do you see our division in 3 years?”  I left this open-ended with no parameters so they could respond with the first thing that came to mind.  For those not in our division this question would be:  “Where do you see your life in 3 years?”

2.  “Where do you see our division in 2013?”  Again, an open-ended, but with a longer-term view.  So for you the question would read “Where do you see your life in the year 2013?”

3. “Where is God at work?”  This could be in your life, in our division, in your family, in your work?  Where is God at work for you?

4.  “What are the DISTRACTIONS in your life and ministry that keep you from being, doing, and accomplishing all God has for you?”  This could be applied to your life and work very easily. 

What was amazing about this is that all four responded quickly.  Telling me that they are in tune with God, are constantly seeking vision from God, they each have excitement for the future, and know almost immediately the DISTRACTIONS that keep them from ‘being all they can be.’ 

As I read through the responses, I began to realize that they are also walking together through this ministry and are seeing the same things develop over the next few years for the GroupLife Division of FBC Smyrna and each had very similar DISTRATIONS. 

Why not try this with your team, division, family, spouse?